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Top 7 Reasons to Renew Your Annual ShoreTel Partner Support

June 3, 2016
ShoreTel Partner Support

With ShoreTel Partner Support Coverage we Monitor your ShoreTel System in Background


We strongly advise our customers to maintain their Annual ShoreTel Partner Support

agreement for 7 very good reasons:


1. We are your first tier ShoreTel Partner Support contact and we handle most remote support issues of 15 minutes or less without charge.

2. We receive and monitor ShoreTel reports and proactively act on issues before you might be aware of them.

3. Any billable work you might require – we do at a special discounted hourly rate.

4. Your ShoreTel software, licenses and ShoreTel switches and appliances are covered with overnight advance replacement if needed.

Repair or replacement of just one ShoreTel switch alone can be at least $1000-1500 for one repair incident.

5. We provide access to and install ShoreTel software patches for incremental bug fixes, which are supplied while covered under a valid annual ShoreTel support agreement.

6. Access to ShoreTel software for Major Version upgrade is supplied while covered under a valid support contract. Planning and installing these elective upgrades are offered at a discounted rate.

7. Our ShoreTel certified technical engineers are familiar with your business operations, infrastructure and technical support history.


To renew your ShoreTel support agreement, contact Communique Sales, Inc.

About Communique Sales Company

Communique designs and implements business phone systems and unified communications solutions for cloud and premises; customized to our client’s business needs. We are experts in designing communications solutions that are tailored to the needs of the clients business to reduce cost and improve productivity. Communique has been an Authorized ShoreTel Partner for 12 years.

Contact us.