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Cabling your Business Phone System

April 20, 2016

Bob Fudurich, CEO of Communique Sales Company, shares his suggestions for cabling your business phone system.

Bob Fudurich, CEO of Communique Sales, sits down with Cathy, COO, to share his suggestions about cabling business phone systems. 




Video Transcript:

Cathy: “Sometimes when we get on site the cabling isn’t done correctly. Do you have any suggestions?”

Bob: “My biggest suggestion with cabling is make sure somebody who is a qualified cabler is installing. A lot of times people will let their builder or handyman put in cable for them, someone who thinks it’s really simple-just take cable, stick it in the ceiling, stick it in the walls and you’re done; there’s a lot more steps involved in really doing a good structured cabling. It’s how you lay the cable, how you secure the cable, for maximum performance, according to building codes. Then also it’s labeling, and most people that aren’t qualified forget to lay their cables, they just put their cables in and now you have a big job at the end, that’s when they have people like us come in and clean up after somebody put their cable in for them and we have to go through and identify every cable; where it goes, label both ends of the cable, terminate the cable, terminate jax, test it, do all the rest of the work. So really, that low price they thought they were getting by having a handyman or a small contractor put in cable for them doesn’t really save any money, sometimes it costs more in fact because they’re getting some of the labor done, some of the material done, but then the cost of going back and kind of cleaning that up by labeling, terminating, testing, and everything else, you’re back to at least the same cost and usually higher.”

Cathy: “We have had instances where even the wrong cable was installed.”

Bob: “Sometimes people accidentally install a standard PVC cable in the ceiling that requires a plenum rated cable by fire codes, and then all of a sudden you have to yank out all the cable and put the proper cable in; and that’s usually a matter of just not knowing the codes. So really, a California licensed low voltage contractor is best to have when doing cabling. We have to know our codes; we have to insure that they’re put in right and we work with the building inspectors, get permits, and do the job right.”

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