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Top 9 Benefits of Working with Communique for Telcom Carrier & Cloud Solutions

Considering a migration to the Cloud or changing telcom carrier services? 

Chances are high a Telco Carrier or Cloud Solution sales representative has contacted you recently.  
Wish that making a change in telecom services or migrating to the cloud was as easy as making a string phone?
Here are 9 reasons to partner with Communique Sales Company rather than going direct to the carrier.

1. Unlimited Supplier Options
Not sure of where to start?
Communique will filter the best telecom  carrier services and cloud providers based on your business needs. We have strong relationships with many providers including:  Frontier Communications, Level (3) Communications, Spectrum, Sprint, Verizon, Windstream, XO (a Verizon Company).

2. Personalized Solution Planning
Not sure of exactly what you need?
Our seasoned experts know the right questions to ask to understand your business and design the perfect solution.

3. Single Point of Contact
Do you have a question or issue that needs to be resolved?
Call Communique directly and avoid a long call and wait time with a carrier.

4. Eliminate the pressure of quota-based sales people

Going supplier direct often means dealing with a one-track minded sales rep. Let Communique be the middle man.

5. Develop a long-term relationship with Communique.
We develop long business relationships with our customers.

6. We are your trusted consultant
Our Communique team will guide you with recommendations tailored to your company’s goals.

7. Greater leverage with telco and cloud suppliers
Communique’s strong relationships with Cloud suppliers and telco carriers comes in handy when negotiating contracts or resolving service issues.

8. Recover lost hours
Communique does the legwork for you by vetting the various providers and negotiating contracts leaving you to focus on what you do best.

9. Stay cutting edge on technology
Concerned about the technology trend?
Communique keeps our fingers on evolving Cloud and telecom technologies and our team is committed to ongoing training and education.