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Time is running out! The NEC SV8100 is reaching its end-of-life. So what’s next?

August 1, 2018


What Benefits do I get from Upgrading my Current System to the NEC SV9100?

  • Implement lower cost SIP (IP) Trunks to replace more expensive standard business phone lines and Digital PRI’s.
  • Enhanced mobility Apps for Smartphones
  • Many more (call to discuss)

Do I have to Buy New Phones?

  • The SV8100 DTL and ITL model phones work with the new SV9100 System and do not need to be replaced

What type of Savings/Promotions are available?

  • NEC is offering migration promos for licensed SV8100 customers. Most customers will see a savings of approximately 50% lower than standard NEC prices.

Are there Financing Plans Available?

  • NEC Financial Services offers a 36 mo. $1.00 Buy Out Lease option to finance this migration, or simply pay our standard cash purchase terms