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Ordering Business Phone Lines

July 1, 2016

Bob Fudurich, CEO of Communique Sales, shares his expertise about ordering business phone lines.

Ordering Business Phone Lines



Going with a Broker

When ordering phone lines, a customer sometimes has a relationship with a company they’ve been with for a while, like if they have a long distance carrier and they have a carrier rep, they may want to stay with that rep, and they may like them and want to stay with them and do it. If they’re shopping for the one thing they’re not going to be able to provide, is competitive pricing. So if you want to really shop for competitive pricing, and make sure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck out of what you’re purchasing, you might be better off going with a broker. A broker can look at multiple companies and see what they have to offer, and give you different programs.


Pricing & Location

It’s not the same pricing for everyone, every different carrier I’ve found has different rates and different locations. It’s kind of dependent on location and other factors like that. So, one person might find that Civic is their best bet; because they price out really well, they can get a PRI multi-flex circuit, or some sort of PRI and data on the circuit, and they can be down in the low 400 or 300 dollars, for a circuit like that. Whereas, you might have the same service in another area and you could be in the 600 or 700 dollar range for that service. You just don’t know. And then of course nowadays, with data circuits, the massive big advantage really goes with a fiber cable company giving you really large bandwidth at a low price. If you’re in a lit up area, where they already have their fiber cable in place, you’re going to really have a lot better price advantage, than a place where you have to bring that fiber into. I’ve had certain people who have had buildings where they wanted like an AT&T fiber and they might have to pay a $10-20,000 entry fee to have that fiber moved from the street into their building. Well, that’s not going to pan out. Or somebody else may already be in that building, like Time Warner Cable, and there is no extra cost for getting the fiber or cable in there. So, you really have to look at that because that can change dramatically depending on what building, what part of the city, or where you’re at.


The Importance of Shopping Around

You could be getting a tremendously larger amount of bandwidth with one of those companies than you could with one of those companies that has to deliver on T 1s. It’s costly to take multiple T 1 circuits, either that or Ethernet over copper type of delivery system, like some carriers do. But when they bring it in that way, it’s going to be pretty expensive to get you up to any reasonable bandwidth, as versus a fiber or cable company. So we have a lot of people who are stuck in that middle- they don’t have the cable or the fiber available in the area they’re in, so they’re still paying that really high amount of money per month for not that much bandwidth, and then somebody in another part of the city may have an area that’s already lit up and are getting 10 times more bandwidth at half the cost. It’s really important, but you might not know that yourself until you start shopping around.

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