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Thinking About Moving Your Business Phone System?

April 15, 2016

Have You Ever Moved Your Business?

If so, you’ll know it’s a stressful time. The goal is to make the transition with as little disruption to your day to day operations. Along with designing the new space, packing/unpacking, arranging movers, utilities, alerting your customers, there are many decisions to make concerning the move of your business phone system.

Moving your business phone system can seem like a challenging and complex undertaking.


Where Do You Start?

Planning is key to successfully moving your business phone system. Many people have found success by using an experienced phone system vendor, to guide you through the process, making the experience of moving less stressful.


When Looking for a Business Phone System Vendor, Key Points to Consider

The vendor is authorized with the manufacturer of your phone system. Authorized vendors are highly trained and certified to work on your phone system. A good vendor will listen and understand your business needs and ensure your system has the capacity to grow with your business.

  • The business phone vendor is knowledgeable in new technologies that will enhance your business. In today’s world, when anyone can sign up to sell hosted phone systems, it’s key, to find a vendor with substantial experience to design the system or enhancements to your system that will be successful.
  • Your business phone system vendor will work with your carrier (dial tone provider). Your phone system vendor will work with your carrier (dial tone provider) to move your lines. This can take up to 6 weeks.
  • Your phone system vendor will coordinate and work with your IT Department or IT Vendor.
  • Your Phone System Vendor will job walk the new location with you to review existing cable and determine type of cable, cable locations, speakers, etc…
  • Make sure your Phone System Vendor that is a licensed contractor who specializes in low voltage systems. This will ensure you have the correct network installed in your new space.
  • Phone System Vendor will coordinates with general contractor, electrician and building management. Your Phone System Vendor will carry the insurance required by your building management.
  • By working with a good Business Phone System Vendor early in your planning process, they have the ability to make sure the telephone lines at the new location are working before you move your phone system.


Common Pitfalls to Avoid

  • Not planning the move of your system. We receive calls from time to time from new customers requesting us to move their phone system in 2 days.
  • Not calling your dial tone provider to mover your lines in time for the lines to be up and working at the new location. The result is paying a premium for a rush job and/or not having service at your new location. Some lines can take 6 weeks before they are installed.
  • Paying to move old technology without exploring new advances in Cloud, onsite and hybrid unified communications systems.

About Communique Sales Company

Communique has been helping clients move their business phone systems for over 23 years. We will untangle the complex decisions of what it takes to move your business phone system. We’ll analyze your current and future business communications needs, design/implement cable installation, work with your dial tone provider, IT Department, building manager and general contractor. Contact us.

Communique is a ShoreTel Authorized Champion Cloud Partner. Our sales consultants, engineers, technicians and inside support are certified in ShoreTel Connect, a remarkable innovation in IP telephone and unified communications.