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What is ShoreTel?

It has been designed from a clean sheet of paper to be a true IP based telephony system. It is feature rich, extremely reliable and incredibly easy to use. It has a high level of integration with Outlook and many other 3rd party software solutions. We invite you to watch the video demonstration of the ShoreTel system. The videos are a few minutes each and are incredibly informative about the ShoreTel solution.


On-Premises IP PBX

Designed from the ground up to streamline the work of administrators and end users alike, ShoreTel's PBX phone software running on our solid state appliances or your own servers, is ideal for organizations that want hands-on control.

Cloud Based VoIP

For companies that want to get out of the business of running a phone system, our business VoIP phone system is packed with features that help you become more efficient, more mobile and more productive.

Powerful Application Integration

ShoreTel unifies our on-premises and cloud phone systems with core CRM, ERP & other business applications. With these systems united, you can tap into their true productivity, intelligence and analytic potential.

Rich Unified Communications

ShoreTel brings together voice, instant messaging, conferencing, mobility, presence, and collaboration to empower your employees however, and wherever they want to work. From BYOD to receiving faxes in your email, we've got you covered.

White Paper

A Small Business Guide to Unified Communications

Unified Communications technology helps small businesses address their business challenges and gain competitive edge. The White Paper created by IntelliCom, an independent research firm, covers several important topics related to deployment of Unified Communications by small businesses:

  • How Unified Communications addresses top business challenges faced by SMBs
  • How to quantify Return on Investment in Unified Communications, using soft and hard benefits
  • What key criteria should small businesses use to evaluate and choose a Unified Communications system

If you need to build a business case for Unified Communications technology, or are in the process of selecting a new solution, this white paper offers practical and concrete recommendations for small businesses.